Benefits Of Attending A Montessori School

Developing Your Tot

Montessori schools are all about developing your little one’s muscle, language, and motor skills. Most Montessori schools only teach 3- to 5-year-old children. Staff members really focus on having the children work on their fine motor skills, such as creating crafts, cooking, and art projects. This will benefit them when they begin to grow and age. A big part of social development in your young child is how they get along with others and play. They will be encouraged to follow the rules and guidelines that are set in the school and in the classroom. They will learn the basics about sharing and how to listen and follow instructions, especially when it is coming from their teacher or assistant. Every child needs a good head start in this arena and this process will propel them forward in a positive way. Each child will also learn at the school, based on what they are able to do and what their needs are. Every child is different and learns differently. This will definitely help your child feel more comfortable when they are working on projects and when they have to complete a task. All of these stages in developing your child in the best way possible will only benefit them and will provide a stepping stone for a bright future at any other school.

How They Learn

At a regular school, your child is placed into a grade based on age, not their level of learning and what they can already accomplish. Montessori schools are so popular and effective because many children learn and work at their own pace. This can really give the child the confidence that they need to excel. If they don’t understand something, the entire class is not held back waiting for your child. Each kid moves on based on what they know. Kids that need the extra help and attention can quickly get it and those that have no issues move on to harder and more challenging situations. This is very advantageous for all of the children in class. The children also learn by using a very hands-on method. They can work on lessons that pertain to everyday situations and life. Most of the methods are worked in in a concrete way, rather than abstractly. This can make a huge difference in the way your child develops. This includes crafts, art projects, and anything else that will help them to learn and develop appropriately. They also learn by the encouragement that they get from the well-trained teachers and staff members.

An Expert Teacher

Not just anyone can work at a Montessori in Walnut. You can feel comfortable and completely assured that your child will be taught by someone who has a degree and is well-trained in the Montessori method. Many teachers have to develop their ways of teaching this type of method and enjoy doing so. You will notice how differently the children are taught and engaged with than an ordinary school. It will be very impressive to see how your child responds and grows in this type of learning environment, even at a very young age.